Monday, January 26, 2009

An EcoBag that wasn't made by child slaves...

I wouldn't kill to own it, but I do love it. It is so bright it is perfect for my current pink mood, yes it hasn't worn off yet! At the moment I can't afford it, but I'm wondering how I could make one myself. It is a really nice and bright way to show that you care about the environment and it's the actual idea of re-using instead of recycling that catches my fancy. It is not on my wish list for this year, because it is not a necessity, but I suppose it could serve the purpose just right, after all it is only £15.99 at the current low rate of British Pound I suppose it is not that much.

Look around I am sure there are loads of items like that available where you live, just think how perfect it would be for local market shopping. I think it would look gorgeous with some spring onions sticking out!

*Picture stolen from Viva La Diva

1 comment:

Lorri said...

I love it!

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