Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Envy = poison

This blogpost has been inspired by this news story.

I was reading this news story about the party in the Atlantis hotel and then I read the comments. Before you criticise meyou should know, that I am very passionate about saving the environment, that I'm concerned about human rights and that I care the current economic situation in the world.
However, I am not a goddess or god of any kind to have the right to condemn anyone. Obviously I am human and therefor I have many flaws as no one is perfect, so the last statement could be a little hypocritical as we all willingly or not, condemn almost on daily basis. I still try not to do so.
The party that took place in Atlantis hotel in Dubai, is not wrong, no matter that the world's economy is facing recession. It seems to me, that if the rich will stop spending completely, then the crisis will only get worse, as it this the rich, that keep many of us employed.
Also, there are some comments, that these rich people, a lot of whom worked hard to earn their money, and paid a lot for it, should help these people who are suffering from credit crunch. Sorry, but no one forced anybody to take out a mortgage for a house they couldn't afford, or have two cars on the drive that were never paid for, and vast credit card spendings for things you didn't need. So you can all say that I'm evil or unsympathetic, I don't know about evil but yes I'm unsympathetic for stupid people who "buy" their house and then take another loan just to install a new kitchen regardless of the fact that the "old" kitchen was fine to start with. We brought this all onto ourselves, yes banks made bad investments, because everything is always expected to grow, but everything sooner or later has to stop and take a break, before growing further. I do not believe that the people who worked for their money, should compensate the stupid ones, that spent money that wasn't theirs. Obviously I'm not justifying the people who saw this coming and did nothing and will continue having an easy life, but before we blame others we should look at ourselves and see what wrong things we have done.
We drive cars, we know they pollute air, we do nothing about it, yet we still complain our governments that do nothing. We chose (or chose not to chose) the governments that we have, so how do we have the right to complain, if it was us who put them where they are now?
We don't have money and we complain about it, but how often do we expect somebody else to solve the problems? Why not get our arse up and changer our habits, our choices and learn rather than complain? I can hear someone saying I want to work, but there is no work. Bad news, there is always work for those who want to work. I proved that to myself in the past and if the circumstances will arise and I will have to eat the words I wrote today, I will do whatever it takes to look after my family. I would do less for myself, but a lot for my family.
SO stop spitting on the people that you loved or adored yesterdey (which I never did), you made them what they are by buying those cheap magazines promoting their skinniness or lack of fashion, stop envying those who have money because you don't, you obviously did not do enough to have what you want, stop it, because by blaming others you will not make your life better. Your life is in your hands and making it better is your choice, regardless of the economic environment and if you're too thick to see that, then you never will.
Have a nice day.


I will, because I feel a lot better for releasing all the stupidness into the world wide web, for others to criticise, if I'm wrong, then I hope lightning will strike me for that. I'm entitled to my opinion, even if it is totally irrelevant.


Pumpkin said...

The banks were greedy and took advantage of people that didn't understand what they were getting into. Banks are corporations and have a moral obligation to the public. I worked in banking for years and I can tell you we were giving out credit and talking people into taking out second mortgages even if we knew it wasn't the best thing for them. I only sold to people I felt it would help and therefore I got lots of talks about getting my sales numbers up. I saw people sneaking in credit card applications in lending papers without telling the customer. They would say sign here and many customers didn't know that they were actually signing a credit application. So, I do blame the banks because the banks were greedy to a point that they used trickery, lies and fraud to get their numbers in...and now it is the people that are paying for it while the rich CEOs that are responsible for it all are still rich.

Many members of my family work at GM and because of the stupidity of the CEOs my mother and brother are out of a job. Both of them are paying mortgages and it isn't easy when I know the government will bail out GM and those fat CEOs but my family is still not going to get their job back.

CG said...

But if one gets a credit card they did not ask for, surely they will return it? Or are they that silly? Silliness is not a sin, but a curse I agree, but no one can force a person to take out a mortgage if they don't need one. I mean if they were that silly to do something like that surely they can't take their responsibility off, so there was trickery, I don't think it is good, but this whole world is like that and we need to know how to deal with it, not moan about it afterwards.

I am really sorry about your family job losses. Honestly I am not on the side of the fat CEOs simply putting a point across, that before we blame and condemn others we have to look at ourselves.

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