Friday, December 05, 2008


What a rubbish film. I was silly enough to expect the story of Spartans, who in fact where an amazing nation if I may say so (I do know they were Greeks), to be amazing, but instead I got this rubbish adaptation or probably even more rubbish cartoon book.
How can you do so much and achieve nothing?

I liked the bravery and the mentally, which in any case is far away from my own, but it was so weak and so stupid, that it made me feel stupid just watching it. Leonidas or not, noting could save this film, and then you have this silly speculation going on about East vs West or the other way round? The story was about freedom and fight against tyrants. Obviously the modern film critics are just plain idiots.

Great story that was spoiled by being told so badly. Wouldn't waste a penny for rental in any case, not again.

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Richard said...

I passed on the film because I thought it would be about a lot of silly machismo.

Seems I may have been wise in passing.

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