Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comfortable reality

Today, in a very long time is the day when I feel comfortable and happy. No matter how hard I work or worked it makes me extremely happy to see the result. I finally have a car that starts normally in the morning and is cheap to run, even though it's an old banger, it is mine. I can pay the bills and not worry where to get some money from to buy some food. My husband is feeling pretty well and I even have time to read books. I am not saying life could not get better, but it's pretty fair.
I have so far 47 articles published and comfortably nearing towards the big 50 mark. I have a plot of a book in my head and a summary done so I can work on it. It's time for comfort, for relaxation, even if it only may last a few hours on Sunday afternoon. That's life. We don't get ice cream and cherry on top of it all the time, but getting the ice cream is good enough. The Alchemist was right, it is your home where your treasure lies, even if there are many other places you'd be happy it is at home right under your nose where you will find your happiness.
I can't believe I just wrote that. I can't believe it's true. But it is never the less.
So the moral of the day is to seek happiness which lies right under your nose, and not in a far away land.
Good night.


Richard said...

Excellent. I hope this high continues with you for a very long time. It is a wonderful feeling. My problem is that it is often too fleeting in duration.

Wow! Almost 50 articles - way to go!!!

jayant said...

Wow, what a thought!
This seemingly simple thing is so very difficult for us supposed grown ups to understand,isn't it?
glad that u're having an ice cream and really happy for your husband.

Here's three cheers in advance for your half century of articles :)

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