Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another busy week ahead

So I had a sleep in on Monday... and I shared two bottles of wine with my husband yesterday.. I did absolutely nothing yesterday. Total lazyness. Still I have to turn up at work today, to keep them pennies coming my way. My laziness did give birth to an idea for a book, which I am planning to work on during the Yule period. Graham still laughs at me, for not calling it Christmas...
So I'm just getting ready to go to work. It's a cold day out there. The winter has officially began and all I want to do is go back to bed, but when you're grown up, you can't do such things. You have to act like a grown up. Yuck. Why can't we stay children forever? Like Pipi did. Well I'm not Pipi I don't have a mother in heaven and a father who is a king, and no horse in my veranda because I don't have either.
I just have to move along. I was a little sad on Saturday, when it was finally official that Auto City do not want me to write for them anymore. They never told me, they just passed my Formula one idea to another person, who in my subjective opinion is not even half as good as me. That person whom ever it may be, barely managed to cover one race in the space that I would normally cover three races. No technical information, no drama, no intrigue, just pure ugly reporting. Hate it - Formula 1 page was my baby, I came up with the idea in the first place, but now the season is over anyway. Hamilton has won (finally he didn't mess up) and everyone is happy.
Now my little Charlie is crying his eyes out to go out. Another busy week has begun.

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Lorri said...

Try to let go. I know it is hard, but try.

Inhale, exhale.


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