Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A very useful book to read for any freelancer (wannabe or not)

I downloaded this book from some website, that I can no longer remember, but that is not the point. I read the relevant parts of the book, and I actually found it very useful. There are many "how to be a writer" books out there, but only very few I read, for some obvious reasons like I can't afford them...

In fact I haven't purchased a single book this year, all my books were either given to me as gifts or were borrowed from a library, so when I come across a nice little free e-book I just could not resist. I mean, it does not get better than free books. In fact I wish the world was such an Utopian place, where no one would ever throw away books, but just would pass them down to the people that need them - people like me.

So anyway back to the book. It gives quite a few useful tips, and it is very helpful, especially, if you live in the states. In fact, there is so much information crammed in that book, that I will need to re-read it in the near future just to remember it all.

So if you trust me, spend a minute or so and download that book, and check it out for yourself, if you think it is utterly useless please tell me, I will appreciate your opinion, even if it's totally irrelevant.

You can download Creative freelancing e-book here.

1 comment:

Lori said...

I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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