Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Different Perspective

I work for a variety of people, some of them I even don't agree with, but I need to survive. However I never betray my values or beliefs, just because someone, who's paying me thinks differently. It is not the way I am.

The most upsetting thing about that, is that those people never look form a different perspective and believe that only their view is right. As I believe there is no right and there is no wrong, just different circumstances, I find it really annoying. Now, before you have a go at me about the right and wrong thing please understand my view. Every human being has a different perspective for every matter. Some feel that, for example, imposing their religion on others is right, because they are saving the person's eternal life, or whatever it may be. Some believe that allowing death penalty would clean the prisons and the world, and save a lot of people, from somebody evil. Some believe that nuclear power will save the world, because nuclear plants can produce a lot of energy, never mind the cost. Some, like me, disagree with all three statements above, because we believe that we are all different, we have a different perspective, and sometimes it is good to agree to disagree.

However the most annoying kind of all, is the one, that will not even let you express your views and even if they will, they'll insist that you are wrong.

If there is anything wrong in this world, it is saying to people, that they are so. Whatever you call it, misled, confused, brainwashed, all of this states someone is wrong. This, takes away a very basic human right of thinking how they wish. The laws or individuals, may control what you say or what you do, but they can never get into your head, at least not yet.

I am tired from people shouting at me trying to get their point across, it is very annoying and unnecessary, as it will not change the way I think. I may say that I agree just to quieten them, but they will never know, what's up with my head.

The latest event that upset me most, was this individual for whom I did a few translations and other things, last night he tried to get his point across about some type of human called parasite. It made me sick, it made me angry, he kept on about cleaning the world from these people, and I kept thinking of nazis. I am sure some nazis believed they were doing something for the greater good of mankind, but that not in a single way, justified their actions. I was very tired and I knew it is futile with him. He has brought up this subject before in front of me, and I knew he won't give up, I did not agree with him, I just pointed out that we as two completely different individuals have a very different perspective. Some of the things he said were the most ridiculous things I heard in my life, but as a person who has about four jobs (I lost count by now) that is not what I want to hear or talk about at midnight, when I am so desperate to recover some of my sleeping hours that I lost over the week. He kept on and on and on. He knows that because he pays me I won't tell him to fuck off, because financially I am still in desperate position, but he also knows that I will never jump at his ideas and agree, in fact mostly I will wiggle my way out as a politician and try to forget about it.

But I cannot forget, I can not keep on swallowing that rubbish of his, just because I am surviving at the moment, because it will not be this way for ever. What I want to do is, tell him that I don't give a damn about his ideas, that seem ridiculous to me. I want to tell him to leave me alone as I don't want to hear anymore of that rubbish, but I feel cornered if I do that, I will loose a little but currently important part of my income. It leaves me wondering whether he is using this as a way to "convert" me just like the Catholics do with people who are starving around the world, they give them a loaf of bread and then have a good follower for the rest of their life. Another thought, how many people like me agreed with Hitler, because they felt cornered, that makes me as bad as them and certainly does not justify my actions.

I want to leave this country, as I haven't met a single person, who would be glad to agree that we are all different and can't see matters the same way.


Anonymous said...

ah intellectual violence!

Great thoughts - esp like the bit about catholics - christians etc...

Give cause you want to give, not to impress, convert, or create a 'problem' to fix.

Hope you're well :)

Vesper de Vil said...

I can easily say that the person you were speaking with is wrong. Hatred like that is always misled, and I will state that proudly, and unwaveringly.

I appreciate this post a lot. Thanks for writing it, and I hope you're well.

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