Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The pleasure of seeing my name

The picture on the left shows my official contact details as the representative of the www.meniu.lt website in Klaipeda region. This is a big step forward, because this job is rather promising, even though I'll be working as a freelancer on the part time basis.

I met my big boss last Friday and a lot of different matters were discussed. One of them being - me becoming the official representative for the www.meniu.lt in Klaipeda region, which since Friday night I officially am. Among other matters there was also a discussion of me being a person to establish a relationship with the British magazine The Ecologist for Ozonas, however I can not discuss this all here, because it's top secret stuff right now.

I also got a whole half/full (depending on the issue) page of the Ozonas newspaper - all for myself, that's yet another step upwards and another guaranteed publication every month.

So this is how I've been spending my time, working towards the higher step of my career ladder, and even though I still haven't heard back from the agents that I sent my book to, I am not too worried, because I know exactly what I am doing and where I am heading, and it is a very pleasant change indeed. All I have to do is stay focused and become more organised. I love what I do these days, and even though I still have the grumpy moments, I love my job.

I am really enjoying this moment, of actually seeing my name somewhere and being recognised as a person doing some particular job, rather than just being a filler or a temporary replacement.

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