Friday, August 29, 2008

I would rather IRON than write

And that is exactly what I did today for almost four hours. I was ironing to avoid any creative work possible. I am so tired, that physical work appears to be an escape, regardless of the achy back and all. I've been writing so much lately, that every time I come anywhere near my keyboard I feel depressed. Articles, interviews, stories, e-mails, translations - you name it I've written it, still deep in my heart I know I love writing, it's just I'm emotionally drained.

I work so much everyday, I work even in my sleep, and there is very little reward to see at the moment. I hope this will all change, and soon enough I will be if not pleased at least satisfied with the results. I do hope that as a person with four jobs I will at least earn enough money to have a decent holiday in six months or so.

Anyway, I was so busy ironing to forget about the rest of the world and my writing, that I almost forgot to pick up my business cards that arrived in the post today. But I did remember just in time to pick them up and I am in awe. I never had a business card before, so I'm really exited and can't wait to get to work and drop them to the right people so they remember me... I know it's silly but hey, I have all the excuses in the world.

As all the ironing is done now, and I have my business cards are here with me, I think I ought to go and do something useful. After all I do not have weekends anymore; I have four jobs!


John said...

Can I send you some Ironing then? :p

I remember some months ago a certain lady was moaning about the lack o' employment...

Nothing like getting what you want eh? heh...

anyway - Dr. Monday prescribes some Desk yoga

feel better!

Creative Writing said...

Thanks for the post. I do agree with you that many time it happens if we do any work so longer we feel very depressed and boring. It seems from your article that you like writing very much from the bottom of your heart.

Retro Girl said...

Thanks for visiting me! And for your very kind comments.
I've kinda dropped below the radar on the Thurs. challenge. (Hope to get back in this week perhaps!)

4 Hours of ironing? You must be exhausted! I find things to do sometimes, to avoid or distract me from creative endeavors too. I think we just sometimes hit walls or creative stumbling blocks. It's sometimes hard to shake it. It sometimes can help to talk with others who share your interests, and look at/read their spark your creative juices.

Take care...hope you find your muse again :-)

Richard said...

Oh dear! Ironing instead of writing, that is bad. Mind you, we often find things to do in lieue of what we want to do (or think we want to do).

BTW, I never iron. I just wear wrinkly clothes. Drives Sofia crazy.

Leora said...

Oh, you just reminded that I need to do some ironing. You reminded me of a Tillie Olsen story, Here I Stand Ironing.

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