Monday, August 11, 2008

A week of consciousness

I did not know how otherwise to call this post. From Monday until Sunday I watched four films, that required a lot of attention and conscious awareness from me. I can not deny some of these films brought tears to my eyes, but not all. It maybe just because a mountain of hard to diminish facts does not touch my soul the way that an emotional story with a personal feel to it does. But that's just me.
The film I started with was - An inconvenient truth, a very satisfying and fulfilling film for a lover of facts and environment. I watched it because I felt I ought to.
I work for a newspaper that specialises in environmental stuff, my head is full of facts about environment, global warming, recycling, ecology, nature... The list just goes on. I know I haven't written hundreds of articles on this stuff, but it doesn't mean that there aren't hundreds of ideas in my head. Even this evening as I am writing this post, I am working on an article on environment.

So if I was to vote on An inconvenient truth, I'd give them 3 out of 5 because, I think they could have done better. They sounded more like a religious group trying to frighten people into joining them, than people who actually care about getting their message across. At the end of the day, I think, I am not American and there is no way I'm buying this over commercialised film that could've been so much more. Yet the world seems to love it quite a lot, so let it be.

The next film I watched after the Al Gore's superstar show was Lonardo Di Caprio's The 11 Hour. I must admit I did not even know about the film's existence until I read an article in The Ecologist on it. It was certainly worth my time, in my opinion it had more of that human touch. It appeared more sincere, more realistic, more caring. It put the things I knew in a very clear light just as An inconvenient truth did but in a much more pleasant way. I watched the film almost twice in the row because I actually learned something new from it. A hard thing to do for one who reads about the environmental stuff all day long, and writes about it from time to time too.

If I had to vote I would give The 11th Hour 5 out of 5. It is still very much for the American public, but a little more global and clear for all those who are not American. I do not want to watch a bunch of people clap, because someone said something really clever, this is not politics this is the truth, so it makes it quite the opposite to politics indeed. Normally people do not clap when they hear the cruel truth, they usually frown, sometimes cry, and occasionally panic, but never did I see a bunch of people clap because someone told the truth. So this Leonardo Di Caprio way seems to have been a better technique to grasp my attention. Yes this documentary could be called amateurish, but it is not a film that is intending to win a golden globe or an oscar or whatever the films get. It's a film to show people the truth, to scare them so much, so that they do turn off the lights when they have to be turned off, and maybe make just 1% of all the viewers do something really grand. Because, to be honest, not all of us are cut out for grand things, but all of us can do a little bit, to change the future for better.

Unlike the two previous films the third film Darfur Now, was not environmental, save the earth stuff, but more like a piece promoting peace and save Darfur stuff. I really liked the lay out of the film, it seems that the producers tried to show the situation from all the angles possible, in my opinion the only thing it lacked was the inside picture of those buggers who are organising the whole thing, but I don't think it's that easy to get hold of them.

It was not a happy viewing, in fact it was quite heavy and emotionally tiring.

After I finished watching the film I wrote this:

The immense feeling of sadness, overtakes me, knowing, that such things are actually happening in this world right now. It's overwhelming to think that no-one can do anything to stop this, but then a realisation comes through, that it's only a form of denial. All of us can do something. To change the future and save many lives.

I was sad to be the witness of so much pain and so much anger and so much devastation. It is not pleasant, and I think the film should have a warning that it is not for the faint of heart. However if I had the right I would organise the viewings of this film in all the schools across the country, because the kids should know, the should be aware of these things happening in this beautiful world. Those things are quite ugly I agree, but they should be seen, regardless. Over all vote 4.5 out of 5.

The last film that I watched today only a couple of hours ago is The Kite Runner. It's a film based on a novel and it is absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful. Such a touching story. So human and I know, I do know it's fiction, but the world of fiction depicts so much of the reality and truth that it is truly painful. This story brought tears to my eyes, not because I have missed the second chance opportunities, often I did not need the second chance, but I can tell you one thing, if a film or a book brings tears to my eyes there is something really, really good about it.

If you want an emotional evening it's just the thing. A story of friendship, betrayal and second chances. It makes one think, it makes one appreciate the opportunities we have or had, it makes one realise how quickly we can lose so much and how the unexpected circumstances can change our life forever. It is not fair, life is not fair, but it's true.

I haven't seen such a touching film for a long time. I will have rest from films for a while as four films in a week is really much for me, but when I'm ready I will watch this film again, because it's worth every minute of my life. It is certainly not a waste but rather an investment.
I give this film 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone. The fact that this story closer to home than my readers may realise may have something to do with it.

I think all the films were good, and as you all know, I'm an not a very good critic. I just wrote what I thought, because I use films most often as a source of inspiration, and all of these films did inspire me. They have done their job and more. These films not only inspired me, but also made me very conscious about all the things that happen in he world, starting with environment and ending with war and friendship, they are all there, they are all happening and they are all equally important. Now it is your turn to see these films for yourself and make up your own mind.

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