Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday - quote day

"Human potential, though not always apparent, is there waiting to be discovered and invited forth."

- William W. Purkey


Richard said...

I think the keyword is invited.

Our world does not invite people, it exploits them, uses them, takes from them, but it does not invite people to share.

And if no one is interested in what we are offering, then we have to force ourselves on the world and annoy people with pop-ups and constant advertising, instead of sharing with them.

carra said...

Richard I don't think it's the world that exploits us, but other people, we the people are in return exploiting the world. I always believe in good in other people, and even if this may sound naive, I always think that if I am willing to share there will always be someone who wants to share with, as long as I am willing to look and do not expect everything to arrive on a silver tray...

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