Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day planner

I know my blogging has been awfully disorganised lately, but it always has been, that way. I have two jobs. I am an English teacher at secondary/grammar school (it's a cross somewhere between the two) and I am a journalist all the other time once I am finished with the school work. The two put together give us a reasonable lifestyle. We can afford our food, our apartment, our bills. Where before everything was a stress. I know that every month on the 8th I will get my wage (at least while the teacher I am replacing is on maternity leave) and I have started reorganising our life, slowly. When we came to Lithuania, Graham needed new glasses, because he couldn't see with his old ones, he has them. I needed new glasses too, because I couldn't see without them, I've got them. Millie needed a new rabies injection, she had it, now all she needs is a blood test in July and her documents will be pristine, allowing her to travel back to the UK if she needs too. I also needed to sort out my driving license, and that is being done as well, so within a month I will see my driving license. Also we have a reasonably clean home (I have an ironing lady, because I haven't got the time to do it myself anymore), and the same ironing lady will start coming round for couple of hours every two weeks, to help me, keep my place clean - it is not about status symbol, it's about time. If I spend 2 hours cleaning the apartment instead of writing an article I lose money, and I do need every penny I can get.
Graham still needs a surgery, but he has an appointment with the doctor next Monday and we both need a visit to the dentist (two little holes in my teeth, compared to the rotten collection of his...) but in time it will be done. We are also trying to swap our huge English car, for a smaller Lithuanian one.
Graham also is starting to teach English privately, we just started printing the ads. He will have his own students and teach them his own way and earn, his own money, that will pay (he doesn't know this yet) for his dentists visits.
Yeah boring shit I know. But I am trying to use this opportunity, to reorganise our life. There is also an editors position probably available for me from July, and there will be another one, from September - October. If I can get that, we will live a really good life. I am holding on to my teachers job at school as long as I can, but I do know that I have to look after myself, no matter how Evil it feels. I just started doubting if I can afford the cleaning lady yet. I'll think about it. The girl really needs the job, but I really need the money. We'll see. That's how I live. Now I'm off to organise my day planner for next week.

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