Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's agenda: Find a job

There are hundreds of jobs on offer, they're desperately looking for intelligent and fluent in English people everywhere, they are even willing to pay reasonable wages, yet after sending my CV out to hundreds of companies the only reply I get is from a newspaper for a contract job and as soon as I offer a few ideas to write about they seem to forget about my existence!
I am becoming weary of this situation, I am working hard and spend everyday looking through hundreds of ads writing to people, phoning them, taking my CV's by hand. Yes there might be a job for me waiting, but it involves waiting, and I want to work today not after a month! Am I asking so much? I want to work and earn reasonable money, just give me the bloody job!
... Off to search...

1 comment:

Richard Blake - Professional Resume Writer said...

The most important thing for you to do right now is take a long hard look at your resume.

It sounds like you need to have it re-written. Your resume's job is to get you interviews so if it is not doing that then it's not portraying your skills, experience, qualities, aptitudes and education as well as it ought to.

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