Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Lost Opportunity

Sometimes when I am very happy or thrilled about something that is to come I can't sleep. The excitement of something nice, good, positive, whatever it may be coming just doesn't let me to go off to the another exciting world of dreams.

That's what happened last night, we agreed with my husband that this morning (if I get up before 8 AM) I'll be going skating. I was looking forward to it so much, that I actually overslept the whole action that caused this excitement in the first place, therefor I got a sleepless night and no skating today, as by now the ice rink is really busy and I won't be able to relax, as well as for oversleeping I shouldn't get to skate anyway.

Apparently my husband woke me up 7AM that I cant remember at all, then he woke me again a little while later, I don't remember this either. It sometimes happens that my husband tells me, he woke me up and I don't remember anything about it, while he clearly states what I said or did, I sit wondering was it really me. I know I am bizarre while I am not awake (not that I am much different with my consciousness switched on!) but sometimes I feel so sad, that I was awake, I spoke, I walked, yet I don't remember, it's like stolen time.

So today after all nights thrill about going skating, I am still at home, my skates are still going rusty in their pretty pink bag, and I feel disappointed with myself. My husband woke me up, to make sure I can go skating, yet something somewhere in the complex system of my body, somewhere in the brain area, messed up and now I am not thrilled at all.


Richard said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens? You get all psyched up and then are your own undoing because you can't sleep and either are in no condition to enjoy the event the next day or, as in your case, oversleep the appointed time.

carra said...

I certainly do. I was dreaming of putting my skating skirt on and I screwed up, it's not the first time either! There is nothing worse then becoming all so excited and missing it!

b said...

Sorry you missed out but hopefully you can make it out there another time soon? :(

carra said...

B hopefully I won't oversleep tomorrow :)

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