Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a short note...

I am alive. Safe and sound in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Busy looking for a good well paid challenging job, and already received an offer to write for a newspaper!
Also considered for international relations position for a certain project in Klaipeda region council kind of thing, busy getting used to being foreign in my own country as I am as much Lithuanian these days as my husband... I feel foreign while speaking my mother tongue... It's quite fun!
Will write more once I calmed down after this long marathon across Europe! Funnily I am somewhat different now, people (meaning Lithuanians) don't get to me anymore!


SidaZ said...

Your routes amaze me so much! Good luck settling down in your home country! I will be there for a week in April, maybe we will manage to meet up at some point! ;) Miss you!

carra said...

Well we have to become more organised to be able to meet! Have a good time anyway!

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