Monday, December 31, 2007

Ozonas - DIY Cleaning Products

The article comes with a small summary in English.
Translated version available upon request.


Richard said...

Most cleaning products just need a bit of water (and maybe soap) to work effectively.

Got baked on food or grease on your stove, or something dried out on the counter. Believe it or not, most times just soaking it with a bit of warm (or hot) soapy water works fine. It glides away as effortlessly as those harsher claim to do.

carra said...

I totally agree Richard, I have been researching and trying all DIY cleaning solutions including soapy water for over three months. I am a convert now. Apart from washing up liquid (I buy the most environmentally friendly one available) and washing powder (they have a very friendly one in the shops that has very small amount of chemicals compared to others) all my cleaning products are made at home.

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