Sunday, December 02, 2007

A week about me

Last night while trying to fall asleep I decided to dedicated the next blogging week to tell you about myself. I will try to write about the things I have not mentioned before and I will certainly be 100% honest. Please remember to let me know what you think!


b said...

This is a great idea and I look forward to reading and commenting! :)

carra said...

B thank you, I shall start posting this afternoon!

Richard said...

There is no question that I always enjoy learning about other people.

However, I will offer the following observation / advice:

When blogging, it is very, very easy to be lulled into revealing more about oneself than might be wise. I have observed many bloggers reveal more than they would normally be comfortable revealing in person. On the other hand, I only reveal on my blog the stuff I would normally reveal in person anyway.

Even I am sometimes tempted to indiscreetly open up. I am not sure what causes this, perhaps it is the false sense of anonymity. Perhaps it is the lack of immediate personal interaction and feedback that would normally cause us to be more guarded.

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