Thursday, November 29, 2007

My celebrity look alikes...

Thanks to Richard I became curious and wanted to see, if I look alike like any celebrities I actually heard of... Not bad. Especially since I always thought Michele Pfeifer is drop dead gorgeous... But let's be honest do I look like any of those women?



Richard said...

From your photo, I can see structural similarities in the faces. I think the software primary went by the parting of the hair.

Thanks for playing.

I tried 3 different photos before taking the results I thought seemed most reasonable.

b said...

Yeah, I agree with Richard. I too see structural similarities. But you don't need celebrity matching software to see how beautiful you truly are!!

carra said...

Richard, I tried three times too, to get some reasonable results. Well if I have any structural similarities alone, that is good enough for me!

B, Thank you. No I don't need any software to know that I am a human being and quite attractive too! Remind me that I said this next year will you?

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