Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Taste Of Success

For all those who don't speak/read Lithuanian don't even bother to look at the picture any closer. You won't understand a thing.
All you have to do is congratulate me. This is my first officially published article!
Success is delicious! I have gone past the screaming, the jumping and the dancing stage. Now I am simply enjoying it...

By the way the article is about recycling... It exposes the flaws of recycling systems in European countries... The purpose of it is, to show to Lithuanians that the grass is not greener on the other side of the border... Just because countries are praised it doesn't necessarily mean that they deserve it.


jayant said...

hey Carra..
hope you're doin well.Was waiting for your blog for a while now.
I thought you already had a few articles published.anyways,let me tell you that this is just the'd get many more success as these..
all the best!!!

carra said...

Jayant, thank you. This is a very first step, but still a great beginning! I got the whole page in the newspaper!

b said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! So thrilled for you. I wish I lived closer, as I'd take you out to celebrate properly.

Truly, this is such an accomplishment and well deserved.

carra said...

Thank you B, it does feel great... Don't tell anyone :) but I might be published next week in English as well! We'll see ;)

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