Monday, October 22, 2007

Life couldn't get better!

Please click on the picture underneath and look from the middle section downwards....

What do you see?

I see my name, an article. I see success.

Two very positive e-mails from two different editors in one day. That's a first, but not the last...

You can view the original article here


jayant said...

been off blogger for some time due to my busy university schedule and will be so for some time in future.have commented on virtually all your past articles so please take time to read them,especially the "payperpost" one..

carra said...

Thank you Jaynat. I noticed your disappearance, but I am glad to see you back! I noticed all your comments too. And will e-mail you shortly.

Richard said...

Hey! Good job.

I am very proud of you.

You make it seem all so effortless.

I am currently taking a hands on course on freelancing and we are going through the steps of finding a topic, writing the pitch, pitcing to publications, lining up research resources, doing the synopsis, etc.

I proposed a number of topics, but was told they worked better as encyclopedia entries than articles for a newspaper or magazine, since they were factual expositions rather than story oriented. I am desperately wracking my brain to find something.

The only perosn who is worse off than me is a civil servant who has opinions on everything and is a bit arrogant. He doesn't feel the need to particpate in the exercises.

What I have heard of his writing (yesterday we were asked to write ledes for stories). His were long winded and seemed geared to avoiding the point at all costs - typical bureaucrat.

b said...

Bravo, darling! I'm proud of you. Keep submitting articles and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

carra said...

Richard Firstly Thank You, I do not try to make it seem effortless instead I try to make it real how I see it. I am not a journalist, I am a writer, so when I think something up I write it the same way I would be writing a book. I assume. I add a little humour to my stuff because I believe that it is a necessary ingredient, yet I don't overdo it either. It is not effortless it just seems to have taken off this month, and bizarre thin is two articles published and both in the page 15.
About your lessons, always remember at those lessons that you are being taught how to write for the general public and not specialised magazines/newspapers. From the stuff I read on your blog you could write great articles on environment and definitely politics, because you do understand these things. I always apply the rule "write about what you know" and it works for me!
With a little time you'll see what I am talking about, you are very intelligent and you will find your niche (my niche seems to be funny-serious stuff that isn't really important but could make some people squeeze a smile). Most of all I wish you good luck and never give up!
B Thank you darling! I keep submitting! Talking about submitting I should be off writing my article on electric cars, I am suppose to deliver the article to the Lithuanian paper tomorrow!

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