Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vinegar vs Bleach

Today I experimented with vinegar. Apparently (so I was told) vinegar is just as good to use for cleaning as bleach. In fact it is better because it kills bacteria and also is environment friendly.
I decided the best way to find out of it's cleaning properties is to actually try it. Once I ran out of bleach I bought two bottles of vinegar instead, and today was the first time that I used vinegar for washing floors.

It isn't complicated a bit of vinegar and lots of hot water mixed together in a bucket, now grab the mop and check it out.

So I did.

An hour later the floor in my house is spotless, all the dirt that I could see that was not sweep-able was washed off. No awful smell of bleach instead my house smells of acidy vinegar, nothing that a couple of incense sticks couldn't fix...
Dogs didn't seem to be bothered (they can't stand the bleach) and the only one to complain was my husband due to the smell.
I am now officially converting. Vinegar is cheaper, healthier for me and my environment, and it cleans good.
Overall rating is 10/10.
Vinegar wins!
Now it is your turn to check it out!

I must admit I wanted to do it for ages, and the only reason I didn't do this any sooner was because my cupboards were full of the easy to use environment unfriendly stuff, I waited until I ran out and purchased stuff to make my own cleaning products... Next week I think I might be trying to make my own all purpose cleaner. We'll see.


b said...

That's great that you switched. Much healthier for the environment, the pups, and you! :)

carra said...

It definitely is, I enjoy the fact that I use something that is beneficial to me, environment and my babies (furry, four legged, but still my babies!)...

Richard said...

Try lemon juice (you can buy buy big bottles of lemon juice - over here it is called Realemon).

It does a good job deodorizing and is not as stinky as vinegar.

carra said...

That sounds really good, I will try looking for some lemon juice and test it ASAP :)

Raminta said...

what's the recipe for the all purpose cleaner?

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